What Are the Two Main Functions of Criminal Law?

what are the two main functions of criminal law

What Are the Two Main Functions of Criminal Law?

Criminal law serves three primary functions. It punishes convicted offenders and educates the public about criminal behavior. It is not a means of revenge, but it is a response to a crime. Its most basic function is to bring offenders to justice and hold them accountable. It accomplishes this purpose by imposing a punishment on the offender, often through imprisonment. The length of the sentence depends on the seriousness of the crime and the maximum penalty at law.

The first function of criminal law is to prevent harm. It is the legal mechanism that prevents wrongdoing, which is an essential component of the rule of law. The law should protect society by keeping it safe from corruption and exploitation, which are both important functions of government. In addition, it is designed to protect the victim and the public by providing a legal means for justice. This is done by allowing victims to seek reparations, which is a primary function of criminal law.

The second function of criminal law is to provide victims with redress. The victim’s rights are protected, and the court can issue an order to make the offender pay for his/her expenses. The judge can also order a defendant to pay for expenses incurred during the offense, such as child support, legal counsel, and mental health counseling. Moreover, the judge may deny a motion to intimidate the victim, which can result in victimization.

Regardless of the function of the criminal law, these are its most important facets. By making sure of justice, it protects public interests and protects society. A prosecutor and police are employed by the government to enforce the law. In return, the state must pay for these services. The prosecutor and police investigate criminal activity and prepare cases for trial. The court must also make certain that the victim is given fair warning of the punishment.

In addition to protecting society, the criminal justice system helps victims achieve financial independence. This involves paying child support and mental health counseling, and other financial obligations. The victim should be provided with a telephone number to contact a victim advocate. In addition, the victim should receive notifications regarding the status of the case. Besides this, the court should coordinate the inclusion of victim impact information in the court proceedings. Its written, audio and video statements can help the prosecutor understand the nature of the crime.

The criminal justice system also enables police to investigate crimes, gather evidence, and arrest suspected offenders. The court, meanwhile, prosecutes convicted offenders. The police are given the power to arrest suspects. The criminal justice system should be able to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crime and ensure that the victim is not subjected to excessive punishment. However, this does not mean the law will not have any other functions – they are simply the best in the world.

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