Where Can I Get Help As a Victim of Sexual Abuse?

There are many options available to victims of sexual abuse. You can get medical care at a specialized rape treatment center or visit your local ER. You can also seek counseling and information about applying for crime victim compensation. Victim advocates are available to support you in the case of sexual abuse and can accompany you to the police station. If possible, you should also try to document and preserve evidence.

Support groups, psychotherapy, crisis lines, and therapists are great places to start. If you have friends or family who are willing to help, make sure you respect their privacy and don’t divulge any information. Moreover, offer transportation to meetings and join sessions. If possible, take time to support the victim as he/she may feel frightened or ashamed of the situation.

Survivors can seek help for their emotional and mental health by reading books, attending seminars, and seeking support from other survivors. You can also look for support groups online. These groups allow survivors to openly share their experiences, talk about their feelings, and receive support. This will help you recover in the best possible way. However, it will take time to reach a full recovery from your traumatic experience.

Individual counseling sessions can help you and your family cope with the trauma caused by sexual abuse. These sessions may include play therapy elements. Older children may require talk therapy to overcome trauma and process their feelings. Talk therapy, such as trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy or Solution Focused therapy, can also help. Group therapy also helps you learn to handle situations with other people in your family. You can also join parenting groups to learn new parenting skills and work through your own grief.

There are numerous resources available to victims of sexual abuse. A local sexual assault referral centre may be able to help you with accessing mental health and sexual violence support services. A local referral center may also be able to help you find a sexual abuse specialist to consult with you. The advocacy service can also help you navigate the legal system. You can contact these referral centers by phone or visit a website dedicated to sexual violence.

Some victims of sexual violence may be eligible for a compensation package of up to $15,000 for both physical and emotional injuries. Survivors can apply for this money even if they do not have expenses for private counseling. They can receive reimbursement for medical or dental costs, lost wages, and even home security lighting. Further, a victim of sexual abuse can also seek compensation for the installation of security lighting.

The person attempting to escape should be asked to remain calm and not make threats. Threats against the perpetrator can further escalate the situation and make the victim feel disempowered. Asking permission to hug or kiss will restore control and empower the victim. The victim will appreciate your effort and will thank you. And, if you can, offer to accompany the victim to an emergency room or a sexual assault treatment center.

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